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If your spouse has indicated that a divorce is imminent or if you want to divorce your spouse, the most important thing you can do is to consult with and retain an experienced matrimonial law attorney as soon as possible. The Warren Ohio based Biviano Law Firm serves clients in Northeastern Ohio who need a trusted advocate in their divorce or family relations law action.

Whether your marriage lasted a few years or for decades, you owe it to yourself to get highly experienced professional advice about your particular case. Trying to avoid accruing legal fees in a divorce case will almost always wind up costing you more money in the long run. Clients must be prepared to address serious monetary obligations and assemble a disclosure of financial, real estate, personal property and retirement based assets with the assistance of the attorney and paralegal staff of the Biviano Law Firm.

A person should never make an agreement or attend a court hearing without the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer. Once a ruling is issued or court papers are signed, it can be very difficult to get the orders changed even if they are not fair to one party or if the court made a mistake or did not have sufficient information to make a good decision. Divorce is an important and complex process and irreparable damage to your case can be created by improper legal actions being taken or ignored. Trust your future and that of your children to the highly experienced and qualified representation offered by the staff of the Biviano Law Firm.

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