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At Biviano Law Firm, we provide arbitration services for couples who want to negotiate a divorce settlement in a private setting. Attorney Bill Biviano has worked in Ohio matrimonial law for over 34 years. Now, as a family relations arbitrator, Bill assists spouses throughout Ohio seeking fair and effective agreements outside of divorce court.

In divorce arbitration, both parties agree to accept the services and decisions of a certified arbitrator. Arbitration can produce binding or non-binding decisions depending on the arrangements to which the parties agree. Arbitration is frequently a good alternative for families who have failed to reach acceptable agreements on their own or through negotiation. The success of arbitration usually depends on the willingness of the parties to abide by the process. While a divorce mediator is paid to arrange mutually acceptable agreements, a divorce arbitrator is paid to make clear decisions and move the process forward.

Arbitration decisions overwhelmingly are rendered within a few weeks after the end of the presentation which is much quicker than the formal divorce process. Cases submitted to arbitration generally are tried sooner and in less time than traditional cases before a judge or magistrate. Another advantage to arbitration is the privacy of the process and ultimate decision. The problems litigants now face with identity theft and privacy concerns have motivated many parties to agree to submit their matrimonial law case to binding private arbitration.

Arbitration can be conducted in an informal setting or it can be carried out like a formal trial with legal counsel on each side. The purpose of arbitration is to create a neutral authority with the knowledge and impartiality to make effective family law decisions regarding child custody and spousal support.

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