When Domestic Violence Is A Factor In Divorce

At Biviano Law Firm, we provide a strong voice for victims of domestic violence abuse and spouses who have been unfairly named in restraining orders, civil and criminal domestic violence filings and civil protection orders (CPOs). We represent family members who need legal protection during divorce and custody proceedings.

Over the last 43 years, we have handled divorce cases for clients from all walks of life who have found themselves on all sides of this emotionally charged issue. Today, allegations of domestic violence have become increasingly common in divorce and child custody proceedings. Whether we represent a victim, alleged offender or a spouse who has been falsely accused, the attorney in our Warren, Ohio, law office has the experience to work diligently to protect the legal rights and safety of our clients.

Assistance For Domestic Violence Victims

Many victims endure the cycle of domestic violence for years before filing for divorce. At Biviano Law Firm, our first priority is to protect the safety of our clients. We pursue immediate action against offending spouses by attempting to obtain emergency restraining orders from county judges at any time of the day or night.

If You Have Been Falsely Accused

False accusations can be a retaliatory action from an angry or revenge motivated spouse. In some cases, allegations of domestic violence are used to obtain an unfair advantage in an impending divorce or child custody dispute. In cases where a spouse has been unfairly named in civil protection orders or civil and criminal domestic violence filings we are experienced to provide a vigorous defense.

Your Divorce Advocates

Does your divorce case involve accusations of domestic abuse? Have you been named in an order of protection? For effective representation in divorce court, call our law office at 330-392-5000 or contact us online.