Is A Soon-To-Be Ex Hiding Assets?

Do you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets or spending marital funds without your knowledge or approval? Are marital assets being diverted for nonmarital purposes or used to pay for some type of addiction, or the expenses of a girlfriend or boyfriend? At Biviano Law Firm, we are experienced at uncovering hidden assets and tracing improper expenditures of marital funds. When needed, we will coordinate the case with forensic accounting investigators to protect the interests of our clients. At Biviano Law Firm, we represent clients in complex divorce cases involving substantial marital assets. We represent wives and husbands in cases involving financial misconduct.

Protect Your Financial Interests In Divorce

Assets that were accumulated during a marriage absent a valid premarital agreement are generally divided equally between the parties unless the court determines that an unequal division of the assets is fair. One circumstance where the court will often award an unequal division of assets is when the court finds one of the parties guilty of financial misconduct. This would include, for example, situations where a husband or wife used a credit card for gambling debts, spent marital funds on gifts or travel expenses for a paramour, or wasted financial assets of the marriage without the knowledge of the other party. Hiding marital assets or improperly spending assets from the marital estate are also examples of financial misconduct in a marriage. If financial misconduct is shown, the court can compensate the spouse who was injured by awarding that spouse a larger portion of the marital estate than they would otherwise be entitled to receive.

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