Ensuring Children Have Sufficient Financial Support

At the Biviano Law Firm, we represent custodial and noncustodial parents in child support matters throughout Northeast Ohio. We counsel parents in Ohio Child Support Guidelines. When the parental income is over $150,000, the process is more complicated and requires effective negotiation in and out of court.

Ohio Child Support Guidelines

The state of Ohio has established statutory schedules that guide parents and courts in child support matters. These state guidelines consider family income and other factors to determine child and medical support awards. Ohio Child Support Guidelines are based on two types of worksheets. One applies to sole custody and shared parenting cases (with and without shared parenting orders), and the other is used in split custody arrangements where there is more than one child, and each parent has custody of one or more children.

State guidelines take into account all sources of income received by the parents, including average annual salaries, overtime wages, bonuses, self-employment income, interest and dividends. The worksheets balance parental income against certain other financial factors such as:

  • Day care expenses
  • Medical support payments and costs for health insurance for minor children
  • Local or regional income taxes
  • Union dues
  • Previously existing spousal support or child support orders

Family Incomes Over $150,000

In divorce cases involving combined parental incomes of over $150,000 a year, the determination of child support awards must be made on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the best interests of the children. At Biviano Law Firm, we have represented clients in complicated divorce, child custody and child support matters for over 43 years. We represent professionals and business owners in complex high-income family law matters also involving:

  • Business valuation
  • Financial misconduct
  • Tax implications of a divorce

Representing The Best Interests Of Your Child

Our Warren child support firm helps families establish effective agreements that provide for the best financial and support interests of the children. We negotiate child support agreements that consider the expenses associated with education (including private schools and college funds), sporting activities, quality health care, daycare, clothing and special needs.

Child Support Modifications And Enforcements

When there is significant change in the material circumstances of a family, modification of a child support order may be necessary. At Biviano Law Firm, we represent clients in Ohio child support modifications and child support enforcement matters involving delinquent child support payments by noncustodial parents or so-called "deadbeat dads or moms." Occasionally the enforcement division in any particular county generally referred to as the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), will file an administrative agency type of proceeding against a parent to collect, set or to modify a current child support order. Such actions are important and must be quickly addressed as they are extremely time sensitive and the results can be as enforceable as actual original court orders. Many times the CSEA workers have a significant knowledge of the Ohio child support law and procedures.

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