Focusing Exclusively On Family And Matrimonial Law

The Biviano Law Firm represents clients in the northeastern Ohio counties of Trumbull, Ashtabula and Mahoning in family law and matrimonial law issues. Attorney Bill Biviano has over 43 years of experience in matrimonial law. Unlike other area law firms, Biviano Law Firm limits its practice almost exclusively to family and matrimonial law.

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Areas Of Practice

At the Biviano Law Firm, we represent clients in the following family and matrimonial law issues:

  • Divorce, dissolution and legal separation
  • Divorce arbitration
  • Divorce planning
  • The divorce process
  • International divorce
  • Child custody, shared parenting, visitation, interstate visitation
  • International custody
  • Child support Ohio cash medical support orders
  • Property division, business valuations
  • Spousal support
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Arbitration and facilitation of divorce disputes
  • Parentage and paternity issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Post-divorce modification cases
  • Family law appeals

Interstate Custody

We serve clients involved in interstate child custody matters. We represent the rights of our clients when one parent relocates and custody or visitation issues are disputed.

Protecting Your Assets In Divorce

By focusing our practice on matrimonial and family relations law cases, we can represent your interests in securing and protecting pension rights, continuity of closely held or family-owned businesses and interests in professional practices, as well as seeking and attaining finality in complex cases.

How We Prepare Our Cases

We use the latest computer technology enabling us to communicate effectively and organize case information. We also utilize the assistance of various professionals in related fields such as child and adult psychology, forensic accounting, certified business interests and asset valuation analysis, vocational assessment, financial planners, certified business and asset appraisers and other professionals. Our firm consists of one attorney, one highly trained paralegal, and additional support staff.

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