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Ohio matrimonial law requires that the court consider a variety of factors before determining an award for spousal support. The length of the marriage, income or potential income of each party, age, contribution toward education or career, and contribution as a homemaker are all factors that are considered. As a general rule, spousal support can be deducted from the income of the payor and it must be included as income to the payee. The tax consequences of a spousal support award can be significant and must be considered in every spousal support case. At Biviano Law Firm, we represent husbands and wives in spousal support negotiations that consider these issues and matters unique to each marriage.

Our Warren, Ohio law office represents clients in all aspects of divorce law. We provide a strong voice for clients in the negotiation of fair and effective alimony agreements. Our experienced family law attorney represents clients in pre-trial negotiations, arbitration and in court. We seek spousal support agreements that take into account various divorce-related issues including shared parenting plans and allegations of financial misconduct. We also handle spousal support modifications when a material change in circumstance merits a change to the original spousal support order.

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The attorney and legal staff at Biviano Law Firm assist professionals, business owners and families from all walks of life during the difficult process of divorce. We provide compassionate, personalized services for spouses needing effective representation in complex divorce and alimony matters. Contact our Warren spousal support attorney.

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